How I work

How I work: I’m a big fan of slow travel and tend to travel independently as I find I get the best stories that way. That doesn’t mean I never go on group press trips – in fact I’ve been on quite a few in 2016 and they’ve been excellent – but I like a little flexibility and/or creativity in the itinerary to make it work as a freelancer.
Over the years, I’ve also developed a habit of ‘wintering’ for 4 months or so, usually in the tropics/southern hemisphere – Indonesia, South Africa, India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Argentina and Uruguay to name a few – which allows me to spend long stints in one place. Winter 2016/17 will be in Southeast Asia as I am updating two chapters of the Rough Guide to Cambodia.

Working with me: I always welcome and request assistance and ideas from PRs, tourist boards, accommodation providers and airlines. For individual trips, I like to be reasonably involved in creating the itinerary – I’m not really one to sit back and wait to receive an itinerary two days before a trip. I find I get better stories this way, as different parts of the trip can be worked up into separate commissions. My recent record is five features from a four-day group press trip to East Iceland.
Secret pet hate:  Unnecessarily long lunches on press trips which get in the way of a day’s great exploring 😉

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